Make the most of your ads.

Promoting your products online is just the beginning. Customize your campaign to help create the results you want.

Attract local shoppers

Turn neighbors into customers.

Encourage local shoppers to visit your physical store.

AdWords Location Extensions

Help local shoppers find you by including your business location on your text ads. They can get directions or call your store with just one click.

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Local Inventory Ads

Show local shoppers you’ve got what they want in stock. Local inventory ads provide local shoppers with local pricing, click to call, directions to your store — even access to the other items you have in stock.

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Build Trust

Give new customers the green light.

Turn browsers into buyers with these confidence boosters.

Product Ratings

Give shoppers what they need to make a good decision. Product ratings put a 5-star rating system – and reviews — on your ads, so shoppers can feel more confident about what they buy from you.

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Google Trusted Stores

Give first-time shoppers the confidence to buy from you. Highlight your reliable shipping and excellent customer service with a Trusted Stores badge.

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Make the sale

Close the shopping loop.

Create the incentive that gets shoppers to buy from you, right now.

Merchant Promotions

Encourage interested shoppers to make a purchase. Show special offers or codes on your ads, right at the moment they’re deciding where to buy.

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Dynamic Remarketing

Give every sale a second chance. Dynamic remarketing ads feature products that shoppers have already seen on your site, so they’re more likely to come back.

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Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA)

Make sure they remember your store. Tailor your keywords, bids, and ads to reach shoppers who have visited your site before, when they’re using Google search.

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