Google Excellence Scholarship Program

Google Excellence Scholarship Program was launched in 2010 Spring. This program aims to award outstanding students from Computer Science or Software Engineering and encourage further study, research and innovation. From 2010 to 2015, we totally awarded 500+ students from 24 universities.

We launched Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship program to continue to support university students to further study, research and innovate.

  • Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship program. The program is kicked off in 2014 and it is part of our overall collaboration with the Higher Education Department of the China Ministry of Education. The program aims to encourage university students to do innovative work or entrepreneurial practice. Please visit the program information (in Chinese) for more details.
  • Android Innovation Contest for University Students. We encourage students to do innovation on Android platform through hands-on projects. Please visit for more contest information.
Google Excellence Scholarship Program 2011